Orchem Pumps is an industry leader in the design, building, and installation of odor control and dust control systems. These units are in use throughout the country in varying applications and industries such as:
  • landfills
  • transfer stations
  • rendering facilities
  • food plants
  • pulp & paper plants
  • petro-chemical, & refining industries
  • municipalities

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Our systems are engineered with a standard range of medium to high pressure designs, or we can custom design systems for your specific applications. Construction materials vary, in many cases, to better suit the environment of the system's location.

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Odor Control - Vapor Phase

Odor counteractants are dispersed into the air at a size of 10 to 15 micron particulate from our high pressure systems. This insures that optimum contact is made with all odorous contaminants.

Orchem Pumps uses high quality nozzles that can be set in stacks, on scrubbers, over belts or presses, around basins or bins, attached to posts or poles, or placed in a manifold as needed. Systems can vary from 2 nozzles to over 200 nozzles. Variable speed motors are available for adding or reducing nozzles depending on the coverage that you want.

The counteractant is injected directly into the inlet water line which eliminates the need for manually pre-mixing product and also greatly reduces any chemical handling.

Dust Control

Dust control and odor control systems can be similar in construction. The main difference between the two is the droplet size leaving the nozzle. In vapor phase odor control, the objective is to create a barrier of product to keep airborne contaminants from escaping. With dust control, the objective is to contact dust particles before they rise above their source, which contains them to a specific area.

Many systems are available as a combination of odor control and dust control in one unit.