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Since 1926

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Orchem was established in 1926. Since that time Orchem has focused on pumps, pumping equipment and its peripherals such as tanks, mixers, sampling equipment, test panels and custom designed skids.

We were instrumental in the design of pumps used by the US Naval Fleet on vessels requiring de-salinization units. We continue to supply both new pumps and parts to the government.

In addition to our pumping systems, Orchem designs its own control panels to meet specific customer needs, such as high and low level alarms, both audio and visual, 4-20 MA capability.

Orchem designs and builds sampling skids for high and low pressure systems for boilers and processes.

Orchem has also become an industry leader in the field of vapor phase odor control, building high pressure systems for a wide range of applications and specifications.

In short, Orchem Pumps has been moving fluid for over 75 years.

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